Conversation Between Man and Machine

The conversation between a man and a machine 

Man & Machine

Now a days we are comfortable with scientific gadgets. we cannot live without science. science gives us a secure and pleasant daily life. Now scientific research is more and more successful than earlier days. so scientists make many types of machines to get a better result in the research sector and they make other essential machines for daily use. without any machinery help, we can’t do a job very faster. we can not live without machines. machines are more faster more accurate and more powerful than humans. Now a days computer is a very essential device in every sector like home, school, college, research, office, etc. It is also an advance machine and many other advanced devices are controlled by computer programming. The machine is useful in our life and it is also very fast and accurate but it also has limitations. It has no intelligence. So they can not think, they can not choose the right one. Computers and other advanced machines are cannot do any type of work without any instruction given by the user. They can not take any decisions. It is a great problem for humans. Machines do not know what kind of work is safe and effective and what type of work is dangerous for humans. so the misuse of machines is very harmful. But now a days scientist are trying to get better performances from machines. They try to make artificial intelligence for advanced machines. It is advanced technology to develop self-awareness for machines. If the machine takes any type of decision without any help of humans, the harmfulness of machines is much less. After these machines are also a good friend of humans. 

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