Make Remainder App (Meeting Remainder App) Using Android Studio

There is a lot of reminder and alert system in today’s mobile phones. In this project, you will learn how to make the Remainder System and how to work a Remainder App. All these Reminder System work based on time and date. Sometimes there is a desire for reminders based on location.

Set Remainder:
First set the remainder title (We set)" Project Remainder". Then set the remainder description (We set) "Project Complete" and then set date and time which date and time you want to set an alert.

remainder app

Remainder List:
Those remainder you have to set to alert, all are shown here.

remainder app

Remainder Notification:
When the remainder system starts to alert, you will see the notification.

remainder application

Completed Remainder:
All of the completed remainder lists will show here.

If you want this Remainder App contact me. I have all the proper documentation of Remainder System. 

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