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Sunday, June 30, 2019

List of Best 62 One Word Substitution With Meaning in English

Amphibian - Animals who live both on land and sea.

Anthology - Collection of poems.

Altruist - One who considers happiness & well-being of others.

Atheist - One who does not believe in God.

Anthropologist - One who studies the evolution of mankind.

Autobiography - The life history of a person written by himself.

Arsenal - The place for ammunition and weapons.

Archive - A place where govt. or public records are kept.

Amateur - The man who does a thing for pleasure.

Astrologer – The person who studies the influence of heavenly bodies on human beings.

Astronomer – A person who studies heavenly bodies.

Axiom – A statement which is accepted as true without proof.

Agenda – A list of the heading of the business to be transacted at a meeting.

Anarchist – One who destroys all governance, law & order.

Almanac – An annual calendar with the position of stars.

Cosmopolitan – A person who regards the whole world as his country.

Chauffer – A person who drives a motor car.

Curator – A person-in-charge of a museum.

Cannibal – One who feeds on human flesh.

Cynosure – Center of attraction.

Dormitory – The rooms with overall beats especially in a college or institution.

Ephemeral – The things which last one day.

Effeminate – A person who is momauish.

Epicure – A person devoted to the pleasure of eating and drinking.

Emigrant – A person who leaves his own country and lives in another.

Fanatic – One who is filled with excessive and mistaken enthusiasm in religious matter.

Fatal – Causing death.

Fugitive – One who runs away from justice on the law.

Genocide – Murder of race.

Horticulture – The art of cultivating and managing gardens.

Homicide – Murder of man.

Heretic – One who acts against religion.

Inevitable – Incapable of being avoided.

Immigrant – A person who comes to one country from another to settle there.

Infallible – One who is free from all failures and mistakes.

Infantry – Soldiers who fight on fool.

Lunatic Asylum – A home for lunatics.

Lexicographer – One who compiles a dictionary.

Loquacious – One who talks continuously.

Linguist – One who is skilled in foreign languages.

Misanthrope – A nature of mankind.

Misogamist – One who hates marriages.

Mortuary – A place where dead bodies are kept for post mortem.

Missionary – A person who is sent to propagate religion.

Novice – Inexperienced or new to something.

Optimist – A person who looks at the brighter side of things.

Omnipresent – One who is present everywhere.

Omnipotent – One who is all powerful.

Omniscient – One who knows everything.

Pessimist – A person who looks at the darker side of things.

Philanthropist – The lover of mankind.

Patricide – Murder of father.

Philatelist – One who collects stamps.

Plagiarism – Literally theft or passing of an authors original work as one’s own.

Philanderer  - One who amuses himself through love.

Regicide – The murder of the king and queen.

Somnambulist – One who walks in sleep.

Utopia – An imaginary perfect social and political system.

Versatile – A person who is clever in doing different things.

Veteran – One who is having a long experience of any occupation.

Venial – A fault that cannot be forgiven.

Parole – Pledge gave by a prisoner for temporary release, not to escape.

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