Conversation Between Shopkeeper and Customer

A conversation between shopkeeper and a customer to buying shoes

Hello sir, good evening.

Customer: Good evening.

Shopkeeper:  Welcome to my shop, How can I help you?

Customer: Yes please I want some black shoes.

Shopkeeper:  what size?

Customer: seven I think but would you measure my foot?

Shopkeeper: suddenly yes it is seven size…how about these?

Customer: well they fill a bit tight here…can I try the next shoes?

Shopkeeper: of course sir, try these.

Customer: They are better fit, but  I don’t like this color. They are too shiny. Have you got them in some other color?

Shopkeeper: I am afraid not. These are all we have.

Customer: Oh well I think I will leave it then. goodbye

Shopkeeper: As you like sir, bye     

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