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Why do we use DHTML? What is DHTML? 

Why we used DHTML?

Event handling using DHTML:

DHTML is a term used for the combination of technologies-HTML, CSS, JavaScript, DOM(DOCUMENT OBJECT MODEL), which are used together to create dynamic and interactive web pages. Web pages may include animation, dynamic menus, and text effects. So we have to use DHTML.

DHTML Example:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<head> <title> DHTML </title> </head>
<div onmouseover="mOver(this)" onmouseout="mOut(this)"
Mouseover me

function mOver(obj)
obj.innerHTML= "....Thank You & Welcome...."
function mOut(obj)
obj.innerHTML=".....Mouse Over Me......"

DHTML stands for Dynamic HyperText Markup Language.

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