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Q 1 - Which of the following feature is a part of HTML 5?
A. Persistent Local Storage
B. WebSocket
C. Server-Sent Events
D. All of the above.
Q 2 - Which of the following tag represents a section of the document intended for navigation in HTML5?
A. footer
B. nav
C. section
D. dialog
Q 3 - Which of the following is true about 'video' tag in HTML5?
A. MPEG4 files with H.264 video codec and AAC audio codec are supported.
B. You can use <source> tag to specify media along with media type and many other attributes.
C. An video element allows multiple source elements and the browser will use the first recognized format.
D. All of the above.
Q 4 - HTML stands for?
A. Hyper Text Markup Language
B. High Text Markup Language
C. Hyper Tabular Markup Language
D. None of these

Q 5 - which of the following tag is used to mark the beginning of the paragraph?
A. <TD>
B. <br>
C. <P>
D. <TR>

Q 6 - Correct HTML tag for the largest heading is
A. <head>
B. <h6>
C. <heading>
D. <h1>

Q 7 - Markup tags tell the web browser
A. How to organize the page
B. How to display the page
C. How to display the message box on the page
D. None of these

Q 8 - www is based on which model?
A. Local-server
B. Client-server
C. 3-tier
D. None of these

Q 9 - Which of the following attributes of text box control allow to limit the maximum character?
A. size
B. len
C. max length
D. all of these

Q 10 - Web pages start with which of the following tag?
A. <Body>
B. <Title>
D. <Form>

Q 11 - Which of the following is a container?
D. Both (a) and (b)

Q 12 - The attribute, which defines the relationship between the current document and HREF'ed URL is
D. all of these

Q 13 - Correct HTML to left align the content inside a table cell is
A. <tdleft>
B. <td raligh = "left" >
C. <td align = "left">
D. <td leftalign>

Q 14 - The tag which allows you to rest other HTML tags within the description is
A. <TH>
B. <TD>
C. <TR>

Q 15 - <Base> tag is designed to appear only between

Q 16 - A much better approach to establishing the base URL is to use
A. BASE element
B. HEAD element
C. both (a) and (b)
D. none of these

Q 17 - Which of the tag is used to creates a number list?
A. <LI>
B. <OL>
C. <LI> and <OL>
D. None of these

Q 18 - <INPUT> is
A. format tag
B. empty tag
C. both (a) and (b)
D. none of these

Q 19 - The latest HTML standard is
C. HTML 4.0
D. HTML 5.0

Q 20 - The tag used to create a hypertext relationship between the current document and another URL is
B. <A>
D. none of these

Q 21 - The text inside the <TEXT AREA> tag works like
A. <P> formatted text
B. <T> formatted text
C. <PRE> formatted text
D. none of these

Q 22  - Main container for <TR>, <TD> and <TH> is
D. All of these

Q 23  - The body tag usually used after
A. Title tag
B. HEAD tag
C. EM tag
D. FORM tag

Q 24  - Which tag creates a number/order list?
A. <UL>
B. <OL>
C. <OT>
D. None of these

Q 25  - What HTML tag do we use to link the HTML with the CSS file?
A. <a>
B. <css>
C. <link>
D. None of these

Q 26  - CSS is written in rules. Each rule consists of:
A. a selector and a property
B. a selector and a declaration block
D. None of these

Q 27  - What is the difference between classes and IDs?
A. classes Can be used as many times as we wish, while ID's can be used only once in each HTML document
B. classes always have priority over ID's in HTML and CSS
C. Classes are semantically more correct than Id's
D. Classes and ID's are the same.

Q 28  - What CSS property do we use to create space between container?
A. space
B. margin
C. padding
D. None of these

Q 29  - HTML elements can be:
A. Low level or high-level elements.
B. low-priority or high-priority elements.
C. inline or block elements.
D. None of these.

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