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Friday, August 2, 2019

Linked List in Data Structure - CodeTextPro

What is a Linked List in Data Structure

A linked list, in symbol terms, is a linear collection of data elements. Those data elements are called nodes. A linked list can be described as a  train or a sequence of nodes, in which is nodes contains one or more data fields and a pointer to the next nodes.

Linked List

Operation of linked list:
There are mainly two types of linked list-
one is insertion(insert) and the other is deletion(delete).

Insertion divided into three-part.

Deletion divided into three-part.

Linked List Insertion:
  1. Insert at the beginning
  2. Insert at the end
  3. Insert at the middle

Linked List Deletion:
  1. Delete at the beginning
  2. Delete at the end
  3. Delete at the middle

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