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Serial Number in Electoral Roll

What is a serial number in voter id? मतदाता आईडी में एक सीरियल नंबर क्या है?
Every registered voter in India will get a Part Number and a Serial Number. These numbers will help the voter identify their profiles accurately. A Serial Number in your Voter ID card is very important as it is mandatory in case you want to make corrections to your Voter ID Card. There are two ways to check the Serial Number in the electoral roll.  The first method is to check your family member’s or neighbor's Voter ID. The Serial Number will appear on the front side of your Voter ID Card.  If you have lost your Election Card, you can go online to find your Part Number, Serial Name, and other details related to your Voter ID.

Serial Number in Electoral Roll | मतदाता सूची में क्रम संख्या

While many voters with a valid Election Card in our country choose not to vote and exercise their rights, there are many others who do not wish to apply for a Voter ID Card as they feel it is a lengthy and confusing process. Even if they go through the process and get registered in the electoral roll, 
in case of any corrections, they do not go back to get it corrected as they don’t have an entire day to stand in a long queue. But, that's not the case these days. You can make an application for a Voter ID, make changes, cancel, or download a copy instantly using the internet. All you have to do is gather all the information you need to do so.


How to Find Out Serial Number in Voter ID Card Online | मतदाता पहचान पत्र ऑनलाइन में सीरियल नंबर का पता कैसे करें

Step by Step Process to search for your Voter ID Card online-

·            1. Visit the Electoral Search Website
·         2. Click on Search by Epic No.
·         3. Types Your Voter ID Card Number
·         4. Select State Which One You Belong From
·         5. Write the Captcha Text Code
·         6. Click on Search
·         7. Click On View Details
·         8. Now You Can see 

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