What is Cyberspace? - Full Definition of Cyber Space

What is Cyberspace? What is the simple definition of cyberspace? What is cyberspace with example? Where is the cyberspace? What is cyberspace and why is it important? Why is it called cyber space?

What Does Cyberspace Meaning?

Cyberspace refers to the virtual computer world, and more specifically, an electronic medium that is used to facilitate online communication. 
Cyberspace typically involves a large computer network made up of many worldwide computer subnetworks that employ TCP/IP protocol to aid in communication and data exchange activities.

Cyberspace's core feature is an interactive and virtual environment for a broad range of participants.
In the common IT lexicon, any system that has a significant user base or even a well-designed interface can be thought to be “cyberspace.”

Our world and Cyber World:
Our World
The environment where we Live and Breathe
Cyber World or Cyberspace
A concept describing a widespread interconnected
digital technology

Animals of Cyberspace:
Animals found in Cyberspace
Programs : Written by Developers
Programs running at computer memory,
Programs communicating with each other,
Programs storing and and accessing stored data
Programs carry logos and names matching real world:

Real Life with Cyberspace:

Think a Day without Cyberworld
  • Day without Internet !! OMG
  • No WhatsApp
  • No EMail
  • No Social Media
Email Activities
  • EMail Safe Handlings
  • Dont open un known mails
  • Dont click un known links
  • Check sender properly
  • Is the mail subject looks OK??
Financial Activities
  • Safe Banking over Internet
  • Always use personal computer
  • Never use cyber shop to login to Bank A/c
  • Enable all notifications from Bank A/C
  • Periodically check Bank A/C records
  • Never share any information to others.
  • Never write down Username/Passwords anywhere
Social Media Activities
  • Safe Social Media Activities
  • Try to avoid posting personal information
  • Never share un-necessary posting
  • Always check your friend circle
  • Never respond to un known friend request

Malware, Symptoms

Virus, Spyware, Ransomware etc.,

Increase of CPU Usage
System frequent freezing
Decrease Web Browser speed
Frequent Network Dis-connection
High Network Usage
Missing of important files
Garbage Msg/EMails sent random users etc.

Prevention can be taken
Physical Aspect:
Prevention from Unauthorized access
Never allow guests to work on your system
Always lock screen while leaving chair
Lock Room while not in use

Secure Operating System:
Use Secure Operating System
Identify what is your need
Find secure Operating System matching criteria
Never go for untested new OS
Better to choose Linux for regular use
https://distrowatch.com can be used to choose Linux
Linux by default use most strongest security systems
Linux is the ultimately user-friendly OS

Safe Applications:
Find safe Software
Identify your need
Search software matching criteria
Always use genuine version software
Try to use Open Source Software
Open Software are tested by world wide developers

Safe Browsing:
Use Secure Browsers
Use Open source Browsers (e.g. Firefox)
Never go to insecure http:// connected websites
Check padlock symbol in front of website URLs
Add Browser add-ons for open only https://
Never store username/passwords on browsers
Remove cache/cookies regularly
Use private browsing whenever possible

Anti Malware
Security Software:
If using Linux variants : You are already on secure platform
Use Genuine AntiMalware Software on non Linux platforms
Regular update AntiMalware Software
Always scan external media before using
Integrate AntiMalware with Browsers

Do and DoNot 
Public Wifi:
Wifi Access
Use trusted WiFi only
For WiFi configuration use highest security standard
If not required disable Guest WiFi
Maintain regular Log

Location Sharing
Location Sharing
Never allow software to access location unless required
Allow apps to access location only when using them
Find out apps using location service : block access

Password & Passphrase
Password vs Passphrase
Always use passwords minimum 8-10 chars
Never use own data as part of it
Never use any relatives data to form it
Try to use passPHRASE whenever possible
Passphrase are hard to crack than Passwords
Phrase are easy to form and also to remember

Use good encryption algorithms to secure data
Prefer to use encryption at filesystem level
If required use multi passphrases to unlock

Shoulder Surfing
Use as single user
Access secure system as single user
Never allow any other persons to work on same system
Never allow anyone while entering secret keys
Cover keypads whenever possible to increase security
Avoid using dedicated Numeric Keypads

Browser cookie settings
Browser Cookies
Never allow un-necessary cookie store on your system
Accept cookies only which are really required
Prefer always DENY in cookie popups

Ready Resources:
Resources Must be Available
Create clear layouts for any post incident steps
Always update security policies with servers
Aware users from possible damages may occur

Important Links
Useful links:
Share important links to users regularly to update them

Few important links:
1. https://www.cybercrime.gov.in/
2. https://cscoe.itewb.gov.in/
4. https://www.aicte-india.org/CyberSecurity
5. https://www.csk.gov.in/
6. https://cybervolunteer.mha.gov.in/

Technology Trust
Trust Technology
Raspberry Pi
Technology are everywhere - have to use securely

Our Responsibility
Our Responsibility
Unless we make mistake : Technology is well enough
Always share informations to others
Encourage common people to use safe standards
Encourage children different ways

4 (Four) Points to Always Remember

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