Introduction to Cybersecurity - Cisco Networking | Cyber Hygiene

Introduction to Cybersecurity - Cisco Networking | Cyber Hygiene | Cyber Hygiene Introduction to Cybersecurity 

a. What is Cybersecurity:

Ongoing effort to defense digital attacks by protecting networked systems & data to be used by unauthorized personnel.

  • Personal
  • Organizational
  • Governments

World of Cybersecurity:

b. Protecting Personal Data
  • Offline Identity : Real-life details
  • Online Identity : Your details over digital World
Absence of social media or online accounts never means
absence of online identity : Once you connect to web - you
have an online identity

Popular data used during hacking:
o Medical Records
o Education Records
o Employment & Financial Records

Smart Devices : Big storage of data

ISP, Advertisers, Search engines, Social Media platforms,
Websites visiting use personal data besides hackers.

Organizational Data:

a. Types of Organizational Data
o Traditional Data
Transactional Data
Intellectual Property
Financial Data

o IoT and Big Data
Sensor Data
Software Data
Virtualization Data
Cloud Data

b. John McCumber proposed Cube Model (1991)
o Foundational Principal : Protecting information Systems

o Protection of Information in possible states

o Security measures used to protect data
Awareness Training & Education
Policy & Procedure

c. Data Security Breaches Examples
o The Persirai Botnet
In 2017, IoT Botnet hacked over 1,22,000 IP Cams.
o Equifax Inc.

Millions of customers sensitive personal data exposed.

d. Consequences of a Security Breach

Cyber Attackers:

Types of Attackers
o Amateurs
o White Hat Attackers
o Gray Hat Attackers
o Black Hat Attackers

Internal Threats

External Threats

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