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Thursday, January 10, 2019

How to Make Computer Virus

Make prank computer virus

Computer Virus

X=MsgBox("You Cannot Access This Computer.Please Contact Mr.Hanif",4+64,"computer")

X=MsgBox("Unable to fix this error. Do you want to scan your computer",3+48,"computer scan")

X=MsgBox("Alert! virus has been detected. Do you want to delete this virus",3+16,"Alert")

X=MsgBox("Unable to delete this virus",1+60,"Critical Error")

X=MsgBox("Virus is Activated",2+16,"Virus Alert")

X=MsgBox("Deleting System Files..",2+16,"File Deletion")

X=MsgBox("Virus is copying your password..",2+48,"Virus Alert")

X=MsgBox("Please wait. Uploading your files to hack the server. Do you want to stop it?",4+64,"File Transfer")

X=MsgBox("Cannot Stop. File Transfer is Completed?",1+16,"Completed")

X=MsgBox("Your Computer is Hacked",1+64,"Hacked")

X=MsgBox("you Cannot Access Your computer anymore..",1+64,"computer Hacked")

X=MsgBox("This was PRANK,There is no Virus",1+64,"No Virus")

Note: When you save this file choose a file name then type .vbs

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