conversation between shopkeeper and customer to buy a laptop

The conversation between Shopkeeper  and Customer to buy a Laptop

Shopkeeper: Hello sir, how can I help you?

Me: ok I want a gift.

Shopkeeper: Please tell me what type of gift do you want?

Me: I want a Laptop.

Shopkeeper: Yes sir, how much is your budget?

Me: Almost 50 thousand.

Shopkeeper: what type of brand do you want?

Me: Please show me dell.

Shopkeeper: ok, yes.

Me: what specification is are available in this laptop?

Shopkeeper: It has 8 GB Ram,2 GB Graphics, i5 processor.

Me: Ok, yes, I like it.

Shopkeeper: What type of colors would you like?

Me: I want the black color one.

Shopkeeper: Ok, let me paid it then?

Me: ok ,I want to pay in cash.

Shopkeeper: ok, Thank you sir, visit again. Have a nice day!

Me: ok, Thank you and good-bye.  

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