Sort Types Questions of Internet Technology

Some sort types of questions of internet technology

1. HTML document contain 1 root tag is called
a). <head>                              b). <body>
c). <html>                              d). <title>

2. Search engines maintain heavy database of

a). keywords                          b). web pages
c). URLs                                d). all of these

3. Verification of a login name and password is called
a). configuration                    b). accessibility
c). authentication                   d). logging in

4. Another name of internet is 
a). virtual space                      b). data space
c). information space              d). cyber space

5. Internet works on
a). Packet Switching               b). circuit switching
c). signal switching                 d). data switching

6. Internet was originally a project of
a). ARPA                                 b). NSF
c). NSA                                   d). ISO

7. HTML tags are surrounded by brackets
a). round                                  b). angle
c). curly                                   d). square

8. Onload, onmouseover are examples of
a). Validations                          b). Events
c). Checks                                d). All of these

9. Which one of the following should not be used while sending passwords or other sensitive information?
a). GET                                    b). POST
c). REQUEST                          d). NEXT

10. JavaScript Code can be called by using _________.
a). Function                              b). RMI
c). Triggering event                  d). Preprocessor

11. A search engine which is a tool that uses another search engine's data to produce their own results from internet, are known as
a). advance search engine          b). meta search engine
c). search tool                             d). boolean search engine

12. Cookies are stored in
a). Web Server                            b). Web Browser
c). Application Server                 d). Database Server

13. What does CSS stands for?
a). Computer Style Sheets           b). Cascading Style Sheets
c). Colorful Style Sheets              d). Creative Style Sheets

14. Dynamic web page consists one of the following
a). Client side scripting                     b). Server side scripting
c). Client and Server side scripting   d). None of these

15. What does HTML stands for?
a). Hyper Text Markup Languages         b). Hide Text Markup Languages
c). Hyper Text Multiple Languages        d). Hyper Text Making Languages

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