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Difference between Ebusiness and Ecommerce

Difference between Ecommerce and Ebusiness
Difference between Ecommerce and Ebusiness

Difference between Ecommerce and Ebusiness

E-commerce is part of e-business. Any transaction that results in a financial change is e-commerce. All business transactions are they financial or not is called e-business. Just like marketing includes sales but sales may not include marketing.

E-business (electronic business) is the conduct of business processes on the Internet.

E-commerce (electronic commerce or EC) is the buying and selling of goods and services, or the transmitting of funds or data, over an electronic network, primarily the internet.

E-commerce is an e-business but e-business is not only e-commerce.
E-commerce is nothing but buying and selling of goods around the web. E-business is a little different as it is not limited to, commercial transactions, but it also provides other services.

Key Differences Between e-commerce and e-business
Both terms e-business and e-commerce are often used interchangeably.
E-business: When the electronic medium is used in all the day-to-day activities, then it may be termed as e-business. E-business deals with recruiting, training employees and sharing any internal information to enhance the business processes.
E-Commerce: When a commercial transaction takes place over an electronic network, then it is termed as e-commerce. In e-commerce, information and computing technologies are used in inter-business and intra-business transactions and in business to consumer transactions.


  1. Ecommerce involves commercial transactions done over internet.
  2. Ecommerce is a subset of Ebusiness.
  3. Ecommerce is use of electronic transmission medium that caters for buying and selling of products and services.
  4. Thus, Those activities which essentially involve monetary transactions are termed as “ecommerce”.
  5. Ecommerce usually requires the use of just a Website.


  1. Ebusiness is conduct of business processes on the internet.
  2. Ebusiness is a superset of Ecommerce.
  3. In addition, Ebusiness also includes the exchange of information directly related to buying and selling of products.
  4. In addition, it includes activities like procurement of raw materials or goods, customer education, looking for suppliers, etc.
  5. Ebusiness involves the use of CRM’s, ERP’s that connect different business processes.

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